Primary Schools

Not sure where to Start?

Here are some Quick steps to help you get Going with the CQF (Computing Quality Framework) Self-Review which helps to clarify your needs...


Register your school

The easy sign up process will find your school from some short prompts, and enable you to start the online review.



Assign a level for each of the seven strands of the CQF

Ideally, in conjunction with senior leadership, add a self-grade level for each of the seven self-review strands (level 1-5 / each level has a descriptor).

Don’t worry – this is NOT going to be assessed or used to judge in any way unless you think you’re at the stage where you’d like to be assessed for the Computing Quality Mark.

This is to kickstart the process and give you access to a whole range of free resources that are targeted to suit your needs.

(e.g. some schools assign a low level, and then review and change the levels over a longer period of time as they review and develop.)



Add text to each level

Add some text in each of the level boxes to reflect where you think you are at this point. This is just to get started and trigger access to a whole range of FREE resources.

Don’t worry,  this is just to get started and you can add and change text in these boxes over time as you self-review in future.



Choose Courses, Direct Support or Other Resources

From the website, choose one or a combination of the following, or contact us for a one-to-one or group chat to help us direct resources and CPD to suit you.


– Primary specific ‘Locally led’ courses can be accessed from this page and are usually reflective of local needs – often covering similar areas for improvement identified by the CQF self-review.

–  If there are no courses currently scheduled, you can go to, choose a course and ask us to run it at a date and time to suit you.

Direct School Support from a PDL Expert

– Contact by email:  [email protected] or go to the ‘Our Team‘ page to email an individual PDL.

We can help you with…

– Self-review against the CQF as an ongoing process

– Making sense of any aspect of the programme

– Understanding where you are in development terms, in relation to other schools from across the country

– Access to industry specialista to support careers development (STEM Ambassadors)

– Choosing or understanding which courses help with what aspect of development

– Action planning

– Curriculum review

– Liaising with department members

– Supporting non-specialist computing teachers

– Developing subject leadership


Our Suffolk and Colchester Led Face-to-Face Primary Courses

These are courses led by one of our locally based PDLs (Professional Development Leads), usually face-to-face and created to suit local needs. If there are no locally led courses to suit, visit for the full range of remote and face-to-face courses.

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Email [email protected] to request support