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We have a number of programming kits available. We also offer CPD courses covering the Crumble Kits, Micro:Bits and Raspberry Pi Pico. Currently, all equipment is fully subsidised, so there are no hire costs! 🙂

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Book Crumbles, Raspberry Pi 3B+, BBC Micro: Bit Go v2 and Bee-Bots

Teachers' Guide

This useful PDF guide can be viewed online or downloaded

Resources & Software

The software used to run the physical kit

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To discuss your needs, engage with e Subject Matter Expert or help with bookings

Email us at: [email protected] to request kit


We’re introducing a new online booking system. But, for the moment, please contact us by email to make requests.

  • Equipment is currently only available within in specific timeframes (e.g. half termly). If equipment is unavailable for the timeframe you need,  we will try to find a solution that works for you
  • Bookings currently require a lead of at least 8 days due to time it takes to mobilise from the stock area (we are aiming to reduce this in due course so you can book nearer the time you need the kit)
  • An online or face-to-face “how to” workshop (between 30-45 minutes) should be undertaken before using loan equipment. You can book onto one of these either by requesting a personalised session, or joining an existing course (on the courses page).

Please contact us immediately if any of the following apply:

  • If the name of the person responsible for the equipment changes
  • If a piece of equipment is not working on receipt, or breaks during your loan period. We’ll aim to replace it as soon as possible
  • If your circumstances change during your loan period (e.g. you can no longer return the equipment without a courier)

Email us at: [email protected] to request kit

Resources & Software

Email us at: [email protected] to request kit